Appraisal Services for Mortgage Professionals

Our lender clients love to do business with us because they know that they can rely on getting a quality appraisal report in a time frame that works for them. Our reports meet the high requirements that your underwriters and investors have and if there is ever a question or additional documentation required we respond promptly to your needs.

"Lenders comprise a large part of our business and we are 100% committed to provide the best possible appraisal, the best possible service, in the shortest amount of time for our lender clients."

We provide all types of appraisals for lenders. In addition to the traditional Full Appraisal Report we provide Limited 2055 and 2065 Reports, Field Reviews, and Desk Reviews. All reports are provided using the current industry standard forms and with all required exhibits.

We provide appraisals in the Central Indiana area. We can extend out into adjacent counties depending on the assignment.. Our fee schedule lists the types of appraisals we provide and fees for each.

Order an Appraisal - Use our convenient Online Appraisal Order form , fax your order, call your order in , or for advanced ordering and tracking, use the New XSite Network! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a special request or a question. We look forward to forming a long term relationship.

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The Mercury Web site is the place to START when you're looking for an appraiser. The Mercury site has the most comprehensive list of licensed and certified appraisers on the Web.


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