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An End to "Proir-to-Funding Conditions"
September 5th, 2008 7:31 AM

Doesn't it seem like the lending underwriter is always out to get you?

At Seward Real Estate Services, we understand that sentiment and continually strive to produce appraisal reports that are not only 100% USPAP compliant, but that are also review-proof!  We understand what the lender is looking for and we make sure to cater to them, so that you don't have to!

The foundation of our research is based on fourteen years of appraising experience and twenty-five years of housing market experience.  With this background, we begin to compile the data for each individual report, carefully pouring over all relevant information in order to produce a list of the most comparable sales in the neighborhood. 

We generally put a few extra comps into each report to ensure that the subject property is as adequately bracketed as possible.  We make sure to bracket all aspects of the house from size, to year-built to number of bedrooms. 

Once the report has been compiled, each and every report is reviewed to make certain that all the i's are dotted and that all the t's are crossed.  That way, when you send the report to the underwriter, you have a greater chance of pushing it through without any "prior to funding conditions

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