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Always a Rush Order
August 22nd, 2008 8:31 AM
Ten years ago, appraisals took time.  There was no internet, no cell phones and a fax machine was like a visitor from another planet.  An appraiser working on a rush order may have stopped by the store to develop film on the way back from the appraisal inspection, rather than waiting until the next business day. Ten years ago, an appraiser receiving a rush order may have moved the rush file to the top of the paper pile to be typed out at his earliest convenience. Ten years ago, an appraiser may have taken an entire day away from inspections just to get to the county assessor’s office to gather the appropriate paperwork for a rush order. Ten years ago, a rush order may have been overnighted for quicker delivery.

It was just impossible to get an appraisal done quickly. For these reasons, among others, the RUSH FEE was created.

But times have changed. We now snap digital photos, viewable from our cameras (and in some cases, printable on the spot). We have software programs that are EDI capable—that can send an appraisal around the world multiple times per second on the world wide web.

The days of waiting for an appraisal are over!

At Seward Real Estate Services, we are proud of our business ethic. We recognize your need for a fast, accurate appraisal, with little or no extra fees. For this reason, we are happy to offer RUSH SERVICES at no extra charge for you. We are dedicated and do our best to put an appraisal on your desk within the next two business day after inspection.

TIMELY.  ACCURATE.  APPRAISALS.  It's my specialty.  Give me a call!


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