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Good, Fast and Cheap Appraisal Services
August 5th, 2008 7:33 AM

Good, Fast, and Cheap Appraisal Services

Most Central Indiana Real Estate Appraisers can provide three distinct levels of service; Good, Fast, and Cheap. You can usually pick any two. If it's Fast and Cheap, it's not Good. If it's Good and Cheap, it's not Fast. If it's Good and Fast, it's not Cheap.

With all kidding aside, the current mortgage industry trend places a tremendous amount of pressure on the Real Estate Appraiser to perform faster and cheaper than ever before, all while still maintaining the same demanding quality standards. There is a fundamental flaw with this premise, since a good-quality comprehensive Appraisal Report takes more time to research and develop, not less.

Many appraiser's offer rapid turnaround time, but appraisal quality will inevitably suffer. Some appraiser’s have even decided to capitulate to the latest pressures and routinely provide faster, cheaper, and extremely poor quality reports. As part of our ongoing appraisal business we regularly perform appraisal reviews, and are surprised and dismayed to find that that many of the recent appraisal reports are riddled with errors and hastily performed.

The next time you need an appraisal, Professional Appraisal Associates has a philosophy of providing the highest quality appraisals on the Central Coast. We do offer all three levels of service including Good, Fast, and Cheap, we just don't compromise and trade the quality for time.

Remember, Cheap isn't Good, and Good isn't Cheap, so give us a call and let us provide you with a quality Real Estate Appraisal at a best value price, along with a reasonable turnaround time to allow for the best quality.

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